We are here to serve you. Let Us Put the Pieces Together For YouFind out how easy it is to bring your ideas to life.

Your projects are important to you, so they are to us.

Our reputation for being a trusted and reliable partner is long standing. Your projects will receive the attention they deserve to ensure the desired results. Before we begin, we work together with you to analyze your needs, and define project requirements. This step helps to determine the pathway to achieve the project objectives. All projects are carefully managed with the goal in mind of bringing your expectations to fruition with the best results possible. You’ll have confidence that the project is as important to us, as it is to you.

Carefully Selected Project Team

Once a project is underway, we carefully select the skills to meet the requirements, and the project budget – from our pool of engineers. Our engineers are dedicated to the project once assigned, and are full time 40 hours a week. They become your software development team on project.

The team has all the equipment needed including software development tools and hardware platforms for building the project. A senior team manager / team lead is assigned to govern the project and its resources. Team managers have over ten years experience in software development and keep your project on target.

And don’t forget, all team members and their skills are presented to you via résumés of some of the most talented software developers, technology engineers and graphic designers available in the world. The project benefits immediately from the team skillsets and experience. We collaboratively provide interpersonal opportunity to you to interview them online via VoIP — using Skype or other online tools.

Project Launch

We establish a full project lifecycle – Initiation, Planning, Design / Requirements, Execution, Quality Assurance, and Finalization. The project life is managed according to the timeline and budget set up in the Master Service Agreement. Once your project team is assembled, control of your team is granted to you as if it was working for you on premise. A team contact matrix is provided, and you have instant access to your team leader and developers, as well as people in our domestic office.

Communication with the project team is made as easy as possible for you. The project team will adjust their hours to connect with you either early in the morning or in the evening; giving you freedom to speak with your engineer one-on-one during production hours. Project reports are provided daily or weekly (your choice) and you command any additional reporting that you might require.


For the cost of one full time experienced USA resource, your project can have up to four full time offshore resources dedicated to you. Our rates are reasonable and you are not bound by a contract. The project team will work exclusively on your project, short term or long term.

Your project can be started and stopped as you wish; you can add or remove resources to your team as needed. Your projects are as flexible as you need to be. If you want to launch multiple teams, or ramp down a team, we will quickly adapt to your needs.

Resource Management

  • We work whenever your project demands.
  • Available programmers are added to your project to help you meet important deadlines.
  • Resource rotations are professionally handled to that when the need arises, a smooth transition occurs allowing like-skilled engineers sync-up with your developer.
  • You can always reach us via email and Skype practically anytime in the day, or evenings. Contact us and let us know how we can help you