Where are your developers/resources located?

Our leadership team is located in the United States; while our engineering resources are located offshore in Dubai. All communication and work is performed during USA time zones at normal business hours.

What kinds of projects does SoftDev Solutions do?

We provide software development services across multiple platforms. Web API, Mobile, etc. Our projects are specific to the needs of our customers’ requirements. We deliver across all vertical markets, and we are proven to be successful creating reliable, effective applications.

What kinds of projects do you turn down?

We only turn a project down, if the planned budget or timeframe is unrealistic, or the goals of the software are not perceived as viable.

How does SoftDev Solutions, Inc. handle large scale projects?

All projects are scoped thoroughly, and a risk assessment is included with the assumptions portion of the project contract. Our larger projects are in the range of $1 Million to $3 million dollars; and a duration of up to 2 years.

What is the smallest project SoftDev Solutions accepts?

Contract engagements / period of work can be any amount of time that is reasonable for the customer need to be fulfilled. Small projects range from $15k – $50k, and a duration of 3 – 6 months. Medium projects range from $50k – $500k with a duration of 6 months to 1 year.

How does SoftDev Solutions provide assurance that Intellectual property of its customers remains intact?

SoftDev Solutions enters in to a Non-Disclosure agreement, and a non-compete agreement for preservation of intellectual property that our customers have entrusted to us. We believe in 100% transparency, and constant communication regarding the progress of the software on a weekly basis. We perform according to whatever privacy and confidentiality requirements we are contractually obligated to for our customers.

Where is my software project code physically located while in progress?

SoftDev Solutions, Inc. houses all project work securely in the Salt Lake City, Utah DATABANK Data Center. (www.databank.com) We choose to provide confidence to our customers with security, accountability and service that is unmatched. We keep a log of all activity on every project as to who logged on, what day and time, and what changes or completions to a project, and this is available to our customers upon contractual request.

What kinds of services and compliance is SoftDev Solutions, Inc. able to provide for software projects?

SoftDev Solutions, Inc. provides Cloud, Connectivity, Firewall, DDoS Mitigation to all our customers.
SoftDev Solutions, Inc. provides PCI, AICPA, SOC, HIPAA, HITECH and GDPR Privacy Shield